School Council -23rd sept

In this assembly the students will be introduced to/reminded about the school council and be encouraged to put their name forward for the council.
Tutors and tutor groups will return to tutor bases after the assembly and will conduct a quick poll to select two tutor reps and forward names not their YTLs.
Here is the PowerPoint for this assembly 



The introduction of our shared QE Values is all about being valued and feeling valued.

One of our values in ‘Respect’ – this is your school, not ours ….your voice, your opinions count. They help shape out school and help us make it be the best school it possible can be. But how can your voice be heard?

…..This is the role of the School Council.


Today your tutor will conduct vote to choose your two tutor group reps for the School council. Tutors will email the names to the YTLs who will gather the names and select two tutor reps to become your ‘year’ reps.

During the assembly on 14th October (in 4 weeks), your new SC councillors will be shared with the year group.


These year reps will meet for a meeting once each half term.

During this meeting, they will bring forward one item from each year group for discussion.

The week before the year reps meeting the tutor reps will gather 1 item from their tutor group to take to the year reps.

The minutes of the year rep meeting (this is a written record of what was discussed and said) will go to the senior leadership team and responses and actions from this meeting recorded and fed back to you in an assembly.  This will be read out by your head of year and a copy of this placed onto your year group notice board, so you can see is what is happening about the issues that you have raised.

We need you to put your names forward to be a tutor rep -Step up.


This council is a chance to show some bravery and to be the change you want to see.

When you go back to your tutor rooms and when your tutor asks who wants to be considered, put up your hand, then the tutor can lead a poll to decide on who becomes your two tutor school council reps for your tutor group.

Send the tutor groups back to their tutor rooms to vote