Respect – 28th Oct

This week’s assembly is linked to the QE Value of ‘RESPECT’. This needs to be delivered very promptly (5 mins max) to enable the students the time to get back to their tutor rooms to discuss potential items to take forward to the next school council meeting.



Last term you elected your school council representatives. Remember that the school council it’s an opportunity for your opinions as a student body to be ‘respected’.

We will be holding the first school council Year Rep meeting in the next couple of weeks.

It is important that your views, opinions and ideas are valued and taken into consideration.

This morning when you get back to your tutor rooms your tutor will ask you for one item that you would like your tutor group to consider taking to the school council. Unfortunately as the meeting is only an hour long we are only able to take one or two items from each year group. It will be up to your year Reps to gather all the different items from your group and make the key decision on which one or two items they bring forward from your year group as a whole, to take forward to the next school council meeting.

Therefore, this morning it is important that as a tutor group you think carefully about what you would like seen taken to the year rep school council meeting.

Your tutor reps will meet with your year reps in your Head of Year’s office tomorrow morning during reading time, to decide on which one or two items to carry forward to the school council meeting as a whole year group.

Once the school council meeting is concluded, and senior staff have met to discuss responses, you will all eventually be given feedback on actions and decisions taken as a result. This will be read out to you as a year group in assembly later this half term.

Direct students back to their tutor rooms to enable them to discuss what they wish to take forward to the school council.