RESPECT 10th Feb – the meaning of empathy and the illusion of ‘truth’.


Empathy Powerpoint

We are one school and one community, we are committed to supporting one another. But above all this relies up ‘empathy’. The magic ingredient in a successful and thriving community at any scale -school -national -global. But what does this word even mean?


Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Often conflict can quickly arise when two people, or groups of different people have apposing points of view that seem in opposition to one another.


In this example, offered as a visual metaphor, is an example of how two people with different perspectives (points of view) can see without doubt a truth of a situation that is in opposition to another person’s point of view. Both are simultaneously entirely correct, but their viewpoints differ.

Understanding another person’s point of view can greatly improve the ability to avoid or resolve conflict and develop broader and wider understanding.

Reflect on a situation sometime in the past where you had an argument with someone else, what would the situation have looked like from their point of view. Considering this how might that have changed the way that you dealt with it?