REFLECT 20th Jan – Application to learning




When you receive your ‘On track reports’ each term, alongside your predicted grades you receive an ATL grade too. ATL stands for ‘application to learning’…how you apply yourself in class. This grade is as significant as your actual predicted grade, as it helps you to REFLECT on your own approach to your own learning. They are one of 4 words.



But do you know what each them would look like in a classroom? Take a look at each one…


RESISTENT – You are not fully prepared to learn, and you do not make the most of your learning.

This could be a simple as not coming to class with the correct equipment. In this case this would already be a barrier that you have created to your learning before the lesson even starts.


PASSIVE– You are ready and prepared to learn but rely on the teacher and do only what is asked of you.

This could be as simple as waiting for the teacher to instruct you on the next step, rather than working it out for yourself. What information is provided on the board? …or on the resource?  How could your neighbour support you?


ACTIVE – You are actively engaged in your own learning and this is driven by your own curiosity.

This is when you are in the driving seat of your own learning, you know what steps to take on your own on when you are stuck.


INDEPENDENT – You are so confident in your learning you can lead your own learning and the learning of others.

This is when you take the lead in your own learning, you understand what methods to use in class that are the best way specifically for you and can also use this understanding to support your friends with their learning.


Take a moment to think about which one of these describes your approach in most of your lessons? Are there any of your lessons where you are different? Why might this be?

How could you take the next step up? Remember, increasing your ATL grade ultimately leads to improvements in your predicated grades.