Reflect – 1st October

This assembly is to support the students to think about the power of reflection and taking the time to stop and take a moment to be mindful. 



Today’s assembly is about ‘REFLECT’. We have all been back at school for 4 weeks, so this is a good opportunity to ‘reflect’ on how we have done so far. We have had a new uniform drive and that has caused some frustrations for some of you and in some cases this has resulted in red cards. However it is worth reflecting at this point that so many of you have received so many more praise points since we have returned from the Summer break.


7 times more in fact…take a look at this pie chart..


It has been been useful to ‘REFLECT’ on all the positive praise. But Reflection also has another useful role for our mental health ….

Sometimes our lives are very fast paced. You have to move quickly from lesson to lesson. Each lesson you are introduced to new information. When you get home your have chores and then you have homework to complete. Questions about your day over the dinner table etc…sometime it can feel that there is hardly time to take a breath!!

We are always living one step in the future and never take the time to just stop and be aware of the now.


Here is a story that illustrates this…..

Once upon a time a busy business woman sat down on a park bench next to on old woman to have their lunch. The younger woman had come down from her office block to take a lunch break in the local park. The old woman noticed that the business woman was unpeeling and eating an orange and watched her for some time before asking:

Why are you doing that’ she asked

‘Doing what’ the younger woman asked.

The older woman answered ‘every time you put a segment of orange into your mouth you begin peeling more of the orange before you have finished eating the bit you have just put into your mouth.’

‘I don’t know, just seems a faster way to eat it so I can get back to work’. She replied.

‘Why don’t you just eat in your office and save the time to get down here’ the older woman pointed out.

‘No, I like it here. It helps me slow down’. She said.

The older woman said ‘I have a suggestion if you would like to hear it?’

The younger woman nodded.

‘This orange is like your life….you’re so busy that you don’t ever stop to leave in the moment. Try to to savour each segment before you start to begin to prepare the next.’

What he was pointing out is that making time to simply stop and to find thinking time, real quiet thinking time, is precious and one that is very important. Time to think, to ‘reflect’ allows us to unpack all of the millions thoughts and emotions that we are bombarded with all the time. This process also allows to reduce our anxiety and stress and to enable us to develop insights that supports us moving forward.

This week think about opportunities that you can just stop an be in the moment.

Look around you and try to find


5 things you can see

4 things you can  hear

3 things you can touch

and 2 things you can smell.

Doing this brings all of your senses into the present and clears you mind. This is a very healthy thing to do. The more often you do this the more beneficial it is to your general state of calmness and state of mental health.

Give it a try!