REFLECT 13th Jan – Attendance



Attendance matters, because you matter!

Last week an email was sent to your parents/carers about the importance of attendance.

We understand that on occasions absence will be unavoidable. However, our minimum expectation of attendance is 96%, unless there are medical reasons of course. The overall aim obviously remains 100%.

Here’s why…

By the end of the just the first term 95% attendance = 16 lessons missed.

  • 16 lessons where key concepts that underpin the broader schemes of work are missed.
  • 16 lessons providing the opportunity to commit to memory important and key facts important to final exams that are missed.
  • 16 lessons that provide the opportunity to explore ideas learnt with other students and to develop deeper knowledge.

By the end of the year 95% attendance = 49 lessons missed. Almost a fortnight of school.

Your class charts account will let you know your attendance but make sure that you have the date range selected from the start of the year.

If your attendance falls below 96% your parents/carers will receive a letter from the school, pointing this out and offering any support available. Around the same time your head of year will pop in during a reading time to catch up with you to see if you require any support to help increase your attendance.

You only get one shot at school, so no time can be wasted. Here’s what you can do to help stay healthy and to ensure your full attendance.

  1. Stop using electronic devises at least an hour before you go to sleep -this will help your mind settle and get to sleep more easily.
  2. Drink plenty of water to stay healthy and hydrated.
  3. Eat well.
  4. Make sure you leave enough time to sleep each night as regular and adequate sleep is a really important routine to your long-term health.

Remember – Attendance matters, because you matter! We are here to help and support you.