QE PDP Overview

The PDP session is always period 1 on a Monday (or the first full teaching day after an inset or bank holiday).

Each topic is studied over two lessons – week 1 (Part 1), week 2 (Part 2).

Lesson pairs



For the purposes of labeling each term is divided into two halves, so we have Aut1 and Aut2, Spr1 and Spr2, and Sum1 and Sum2.

And during each half term the students will cover 3 topics. Topics A, B and C.

You can access the resources for each topic via the ‘Programme’ page of this website. For example, if you are teaching year 7 class you will begin with Yr7 Aut1 A

There are 4 colour coded elements to the PDP, they are:

  • SMSC -Spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning
  • PSHE -Personal, social, health and economic education
  • CEIAG -Careers education information advice and guidance
  • Learning Skills – Providing cognitive apprenticeships to foster resilient and autonomous learners.
PDP Overview 2018-19


Tutors will be provided with lesson plans, materials and associated resources by their Year Team Leader during the last week of half term ready for the start of the following half term. These will be supplied to the YTLs by AP -Coaching & Progress.

Lesson plans are developed within the Accelerated Learning Cycle format model:


Lessons will often be supported by digital content which will be available via this website and compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Quality Control

As with any other part of the curriculum the standardisation and quality control of the PDP will be monitored and evaluated through an annual cycle. AP – Coaching & Progress will conduct a rolling self- evaluation of the effectiveness of the PDP (supported by YTLs). This will include:

  • Lesson observations
  • Learning walks
  • Work scrutiny
  • Pupil voice feedback
  • Teaching staff feedback

Introductory video for STUDENTS:

Introductory video for STAFF: