9th – REFLECT – Attendance

16th -REFLECT – Attendance

A good education can be the cornerstone for future life opportunities. Missing school can leave gaps in knowledge and understanding and also place you at a disadvantage and put you behind in the learning. This can also impact your understanding of the topic in the following lessons and set you even further back.

We understand that on occasions absence will be unavoidable. However our minimum expectation of attendance is 96%, unless there are justifiable medical reasons, and accompanying evidence for not being able to do so. The aim obviously remains 100% wherever possible.

Here’s why…

By the end of the just the first term 95% attendance = 16 lessons missed.

  • 16 lessons where key concepts that underpin the broader schemes of work are missed.
  • 16 lessons providing the opportunity to commit to memory important and key facts important to final exams missed.
  • 16 lessons that provide the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts in with other students to develop deeper and independent knowledge missed.

By the end of the year even 95% attendance = 49 lessons missed. Almost a fortnight of school!!!!

If your attendance is lower than 95% you will be called out of a reading time this half term to catch up with you to:

  • Check that you were aware that your attendance was this low
  • That there is anything that a school that we can help and support you with to bring our attendance back up above 95%.
  • Whether there is anything that we need to know that could help us support you with improving your attendance.