PDP Student Survey

These two surveys will help us gather information for two reasons.

  1. The first survey will help us gather important information, as a school from you the students. We call this ‘student voice’. This will help us, among other things, to refine our PDP programme. This information is not anonymous and your name will be automatically saved with the information you enter. This survey is found lower down on this web page. You may be asked to sign into your school office365 account (this is your school email which is your school-nework-username@qe.devon.sch.uk and using your normal school network password).
  2. The second survey is supporting the National Health Service to collect important data to enable them to analysis health related behaviour. This is anonymous and will also help us as a school identify and meet the needs of our own physical, health, social education within the PDP for next year and beyond. Some question refer to ‘yesterday.’ Such as what did you eat yesterday?’ In these cases could you answer for the last school day.   This survey is found  on another webpage. The link to this webpage is at the very bottom of this page.

There is a lot to get through in this one hour long sessions so it is important that you concentrate and work in silence, only talking quietly if you are sharing a computer. If you have any questions raise your arm and your tutor will do their best to answer them for you.

Thank you in advance for completing these surveys.

SURVEY 1 (10 minutes)

SURVEY 2 (30 minutes)

Please follow this link……


Your tutor will provide the access details